I think I’ve known And for the longest time Unseen the repercussions Of the things I do to myself With or without purpose they maybe I reflect and accept everything I never wanted to be Thinking that’s the way I started to see For better or for worse A little differently Began to tick boxes... Continue Reading →

End point

Waiting, Eyes on the horizon, Guided by the stars, To reach the end of this beginning As soon as possible. Focused, Dive straight ahead where I know I must go. Letting the future wash over me, Living in the tapestry of wishes, Inching closer to make them reality. It does. But is it real or... Continue Reading →


He twirled a strand of hair that was sticking out like a devils horn. Eyes distant, lips pursed and mind wandering into what he thought was a mess of a life. The responsibility of passing 12th grade increased his heartbeat by a notch and he crashed on the desk, under the weight of the seemingly... Continue Reading →

Spring Magic

Bare feet treading lightly on earth, Avoiding the little patches of snow. Ti's cold, at this hour, Even though ceases the flake's flow. It's not easy for the tiny hands to awaken life.  Yes, this winter has been a long one. Gradualy now, the mist and ice disappear in air, Bracing the world, for the... Continue Reading →

Painting on the Wall

Painting on the wall Ever so beautiful Catching dust in the corner, For the others said no. Painting on the wall, Radiant and bright, Yet hidden by the cobwebs, And the dearth of light. Painting on the wall, Speaker of the soul, No eyes that listen, A relic of the old. Painting on the wall,... Continue Reading →

Dance of the Hues

The show starts from the depths of dark, As blank as a canvas clean. Waiting to be painted with the laughter of the hues, Convey the emotions in its sheen. First enter, breaking the veil of the bride, Infinite, slow, hazy rays. Revealing the watery misgivings of her pride, As they lighten the blush on... Continue Reading →

Just Trust

I don't know why, But in your eyes there is a burden that I see. You're not alone, I want to scream, Yet all I do is stare in them deep. It seems to me, their calling out, For someone to voluntarily pull. But you'll shrug it off, refuse me straight, And say you're living... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

I write because I can't speak what I have to say. I write So only the right people hear what I have to tell. I write For I don't want to be judged for my ideas. I'm a coward, I admit. I write So that my daydreams can be recorded in the back of my... Continue Reading →

Let It Go

I know I'm pushing away people Even though, what I really want, is someone's arms to cry in. But the one I though would be there, Has disappeared. I promised myself, Promised, I wouldn't let the dark side leak. At this moment however, All I want, is to let it go. I'm trying, Trying to... Continue Reading →

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