Dance of the Hues

The show starts from the depths of dark, As blank as a canvas clean. Waiting to be painted with the laughter of the hues, Convey the emotions in its sheen. First enter, breaking the veil of the bride, Infinite, slow, hazy rays. Revealing the watery misgivings of her pride, As they lighten the blush on... Continue Reading →


Just Trust

I don't know why, But in your eyes there is a burden that I see. You're not alone, I want to scream, Yet all I do is stare in them deep. It seems to me, their calling out, For someone to voluntarily pull. But you'll shrug it off, refuse me straight, And say you're living... Continue Reading →


I write because I can't speak what I have to say. I write So only the right people hear what I have to tell. I write For I don't want to be judged for my ideas. I'm a coward, I admit. I write So that my daydreams can be recorded in the back of my... Continue Reading →

Let It Go

I know I'm pushing away people Even though, what I really want, is someone's arms to cry in. But the one I though would be there, Has disappeared. I promised myself, Promised, I wouldn't let the dark side leak. At this moment however, All I want, is to let it go. I'm trying, Trying to... Continue Reading →


I suppose I should talk to someone Let the smile fall for a second, Let you glimpse what I hide. For once let you truly inside, For once let the advisor be advised. But only for a second, I hope the weight won't mind. Don't misunderstand, I haven't fallen of the precipice Into the dark... Continue Reading →


" It's not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us". ~Rachel Wolchin The garden gate creaked open. She looked up and saw him hesitate for a moment before coming in. His face was much more freckled than the last she had seen him and his unruly brown hair were falling... Continue Reading →

Didn’t mean to too

I've tried, but can't anymore. I've been holding it in, Giving you a second chance. Or so it seems. But enough is enough. How many more days should I Spend in anticipation, Waiting for time to prove the truth is false? Maybe I'm over-imagining things. Maybe the suspicions were wrong. But whatever comes forth in... Continue Reading →

True Tunes

Salty the air on the tip of her tongue, Drowned by the waves her song unsung. Fire in her heart thrashing like the water, Ringing in her ears, their mocking laughter. Melodies never known blaze ahead, Tremors in her voice, are behead. Melting into each other her notes a bliss, Harmonised by the Seas gentle... Continue Reading →

Stop Time

Sometimes I wish the world would be still And I could roam in it free. Take the paths that I secretly will, Or just stand under a busy road’s tree. I could have a picnic in a bookstore, Party at an office. Maybe I'd see a lion frozen in mid-roar. And for once not scare... Continue Reading →

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